Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

☆ Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts ☆ Esta Spalding Sydney Smith - Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts, Look Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts Kim Fitzgerald Trout took to driving with ease as most children would if their parents would ever let them try She had to After all she and her siblings live in a car Meet the Fitzgerald Trouts a ba

  • Title: Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts
  • Author: Esta Spalding Sydney Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

    ☆ Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts ☆ Esta Spalding Sydney Smith - Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts, Look Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts Kim Fitzgerald Trout took to driving with ease as most children would if their parents would ever let them try She had to After all she and her siblings live in a car Meet the Fitzgerald Trouts a ba

    • ☆ Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts ☆ Esta Spalding Sydney Smith
      275 Esta Spalding Sydney Smith
    Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

    One thought on “Look Out for the Fitzgerald-Trouts

    1. Ivonne Rovira

      Do not be taken in by the title the four Fitzgerald Trouts four siblings and half siblings named Kim, Kimo, Peppa and Toby aren t mischievous or dangerous Instead, they re resourceful, honest, and clever children making the best of a dreadful situation The foursome have been rendered homeless through the neglect and selfishness of their terrible parents, parents as bad as any in a Roald Dahl novel, a scolding Daily Mail article on bad parenting, or a viral shaming YouTube video The children have [...]

    2. Mr. Steve

      A really fun story about a family of kids, ranging in age from 5 11, who are living on their own because their parents are either missing or terribly busy A lot of the story is told tongue in cheek, such as my favorite line she took to driving with ease as most children would if their parents would ever let them try Each of the characters personalities is relatable, and I definitely know kids who fit the mold of each of the four siblings It s one of those books where the kids know better than th [...]

    3. A.C. Paige

      Had to read this for the CLAU committee It was actually pretty good Siblings are basically abandoned by the adults in their lives and they take care of each other.

    4. Vikki VanSickle

      The Fitzgerald Trouts are a family of loosely related siblings living in a car on a tropical island full of delightfully terrible adults They are fully capable of looking after themselves, but the one thing they would love is a house to call their own This first book in a new series does a great job setting up the world of the Fitzgerald Trouts, which is just the slightest bit fantastical The story is lovingly told by a narrator who walks into the story as a character about half way through the [...]

    5. Leslie

      Actual rating is 4.5 5 The Fitzgerald Trouts are four loosely related children with two different mothers and two different fathers Their family tree will have you wanting to draw a diagram to try to figure out and understand just how these children are related Not only is their family tree complicated, their situation as a whole is even mind boggling Set in a lush tropical island, the Fitzgerald Trouts were abandoned by all four parents to mostly fend for their own selves with only a car to ca [...]

    6. Kent Kirker

      I receive this as a giveaway from , in exchange for fair review To start off with, I absolutely love the look and feel of this book Complete with a blue font lettering and hued illustrations I read this book and less than 24 hours, probably the quickest 200 page read for me this year thus far I have since imparted the gift of literacy, and given the book away to extended family.The Fitzgerald Trouts is in many ways a unique book, as well as an amalgam of others First off Spalding s writing style [...]

    7. Sarah

      I received a free copy of Look Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts through Librarything from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.What a fantastic book Take Pippi Longstocking or the Boxcar children, transport them to a magical tropical island, and you ll have some idea of what the Fitzgerald Trouts experience throughout the novel.A group of siblings and half siblings thrown together and left to their own devices thanks to some truly horrendous and selfish parenting, the Fitzgerald Trouts sl [...]

    8. Debra Schoenberger

      This book brought back so many memories of a story I read as a child It was part of a Reader s Digest Condensed book and was about a family who lived in their car close to a beach I never forgot that story.The Fitzgerald Trout children are not your typical family set of siblings They are all related, in a manner of speaking Abandoned by their many sets of parents, the four children live together on the beach in a car They get up in the morning, brush their teeth, go to school and even go to the [...]

    9. Gail Lynch

      Look Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts reads like Lemony Snickets A Series of Unfortunate Events Just like the Baudelaire siblings, the Fitzgerald Trouts have misadventures with no parents that look after them They have learned to take care of themselves in a mature way than the adults in their life Unlike the Baudelaires, the Fitzgerald Trouts have a happier life They still have wants and needs like a house to live in instead of their car You find yourself rooting for them all the way through the [...]

    10. Rachel Seigel

      A very fun story about a group of children with a complicated family tree who live by themselves in a car on a tropical island The narrator s voice reminded me at times of Lemony Snicket, and this would make a great read aloud Completely unrealistic and impossible, but that doesn t detract from the enjoyment of the story.

    11. LiteraryChanteuse

      A very fun story with four kids that will not be easily forgotten once you put the book down A mix of charming and quirky characters while the over all story has a bit of mystery and adventure This book certainly has the potential to become a middle grade favorite.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    12. Christine H

      Just a little under 4 stars for me.If you re looking for a story with characters that don t fit neatly into a box, you might find a match with Look Out for the Fitzgerald Trouts by Esta Spalding.Squinklethoughts1 I was really happy to encounter such a unique cast of characters in this story They re definitely not cookie cutter protagonists The four children Kim, Kimo, Toby, and Pippa find themselves thrown together by virtue of complicated parentage They all share a mother or a father or both Th [...]

    13. AJ

      2.5 starsThe Fitzgerald Trouts are a mismatched family of children who live in a car on a tropical island Together, they share four parents five, at the addition of a baby sister , but their parents never want anything to do with their children Instead, the children fend for themselves, get groceries, go to school, and live off the money that their parents occasionally drop off However, now that they re getting older their ages are 11, 11, 8, and 5 , they re starting to no longer fit in the car [...]

    14. Annette

      James The Fitzgerald Trouts are four children who live in a green car for a while After a long time the oldest one decides to follow a plan from a book called The Awfuls There are many items on her to do list The last one is find a house They soon find an abandoned baby in the parking lot where their green car is They were at the laundromat They take care of it They know it doesn t have a mother and that its father abandoned it Going back to their plan from The Awfuls The older sister wants to f [...]

    15. Munro's Kids

      Well, I didn t want to enjoy this book, but grumble grumble I did Quite a lot It was fun, well written and trucked along quite well plot wise The end wrapped up in a pretty simplistic shoe horned way, but I gave it a pass as the rest sparkled so brightly.The Fitzgerald Trouts are a family of 4 kids who have 4 terrible parents between them As a result of these negligent adults, they live out of a small car on their tropical island Kim is the oldest, and first on her to do list is to get them a ho [...]

    16. Sarah Easley

      Eh I am not a fan of this narrator involved in the story voice, and the antics of the children were too outlandish to be believable but not enough to be charming or compelling For as interesting and complicated as the emotions of four practically orphans might be, we glimpse almost none of their thoughts or feelings and get virtually no character development I just don t get what the point of the book was There were enough threads dangling that I fear for a sequel, although I can t imagine why a [...]

    17. Niki

      Four loosely related siblings live in a old car These resourceful children, full of personality, dream of living in a real house after being abandoned due to terrible parenting and being terribly busy Waffling between being forced to act like grown ups and having carefree fun like a child, the children all function in their island community, and even miraculously, solve many of their problems A quirky, cute story for young readers Look out for the Fitzgerald Trouts is the first in a series.Short [...]

    18. Jennifer

      I am always looking for good books to read aloud to my three ages 12, 10, and 7 1 2 and and am going to keep reading out loud to my kids as long as they will let me As you can imagine, sometimes it s a challenge to find one book that fits all that will engage and enthrall this age range and I often fall back on the comfortable classics from my own childhood This new book by Esta Spalding passed the test and was a hit with our family It is about four loosely related children with terrible parents [...]

    19. Claire

      S enjoyed this book a lot I think it s harder for an adult to read and enjoy because of the suspension of disbelief required the children are living on an island fancy enough to have an IKEA and multimillionaire stockbrokers, but they don t have a DCFS competent enough to notice or care that a group of children are living out of and driving around in a car for years on end

    20. Erin

      What a quirky little book I think young readers would like the idea of four loosely related siblings living without the aid of grown ups Acting both responsibly and like the kids that they are, the Fitzgerald Trouts offer up a delightful story about trying to make their way on their island despite the adults who are too irresponsible or too busy for them.

    21. Elaine

      My eight year old and I read this together It was quirky and imaginative sort of children s fiction where the children are responsible and the parents are negligent My eight year old thought that the characters and scenarios were interesting and humorous at times, but he wasn t as emotionally connected to them as he has with other books.

    22. Casandria

      I found this book well written but imagining it in real life was tragic I wanted to smack the adults in the lives of these kids It s hard to take care of yourself when you re a kid, let alone 4 5 of them

    23. Michael Earp

      What fun This made me think of the kind of other kids than me living their lives adventure that I would have loved as a kid As an adult I was mildly distressed by all the TERRIBLE parents But that s all part of life for some.

    24. Bridget Neace

      This was a really random story I also found myself distracted by the conditions situations in which the Fitzgerald Trouts found themselves how does no adult step in and rectify what is going on

    25. Kristen Lo

      A book I really thought my son and I would not like 4 kids with 4 delinquent parents Of course with no parents, these kids have to be resourceful, and thoughtful Such a fun adventure We re converts for the Fitzgerald Trouts.

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