Cost of Life

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Cost of Life : by Joshua Corin - Cost of Life, Cost of Life For readers of Preston Child James Rollins and Brad Thor comes a gripping new thriller from Joshua Corin in which an audacious hijacking is just the beginning of a twisted international nightmare F

  • Title: Cost of Life
  • Author: Joshua Corin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cost of Life

    [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Cost of Life : by Joshua Corin - Cost of Life, Cost of Life For readers of Preston Child James Rollins and Brad Thor comes a gripping new thriller from Joshua Corin in which an audacious hijacking is just the beginning of a twisted international nightmare F

    • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Cost of Life : by Joshua Corin
      328 Joshua Corin
    Cost of Life

    One thought on “Cost of Life

    1. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

      This book is perfect for anyone that looks for a fast paced action book with a great main character Xana Marx, a disgraced FBI agent, just out of rehab will do anything to track down the plane She has a temper problem and she recently got out of rehab after she drove under influence into a house and now she risks losing her job Her boss Jim Christie decided that she needs someone that keeps an eye on her, the young intern Hayley Hayley has always wanted to be an FBI agent, but because she is dyi [...]

    2. Larry

      Cost of Lifeazy Chechen terrorists kidnapped pilot hijacked flight to Cozumel badly damaged nearly rehabbed ex FBI agent clever teenage FBI intern stir in one insane money raising scheme and the result in one great original thriller and a new book series wacko heroin Xanadu Marx Thrilling ride, my only complaint is her silly

    3. Lori L (She Treads Softly)

      Cost of Life by Joshua Corin is very highly recommended This is a stuck overnight at the airport thriller that should hold your rapt attention from the start.Pilot Larry Walder is woken up and informed that his wife and son are now hostages and only he can keep them alive by following the kidnapper s instructions Larry is scheduled to fly from Atlanta to Cozumel, Mexico, that day Instead, once he takes off in Atlanta he is to fly the plane and all passengers to the location of the coordinates pr [...]

    4. Jennifer McLean

      Cost Of Life was a total thrill ride, what a great book I ve never read a book by Mr Corin until now but I m adding him to my goto authors because this thriller mystery was wonderfully unique but also easily enjoyable and interesting to read Cost of Life starts with the kidnapping of a pilot s wife and young son The kidnappers want Larry Walder complacent, they want him to board his plane and fly hundreds of passengers to an unknown location Larry doesn t want to participate in a hijacking but h [...]

    5. Lelia Taylor

      I m drawn to thrillers involving airplanes in jeopardy for some reason so, when offered the chance to participate in this blog tour, I jumped right on it Once I started reading, and all through the book, I was delighted to find that Cost of Life is really, really good.From the first sentences, I bonded with Larry Walder and his family with just a simple scenario of a little boy and his parents having fun together I did not, of course, bond with the bad guys who show up on the scene early on and [...]

    6. Sharon

      Random House Publishing Group Alibi and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Larry Walder is having a regular night of playing cards with his wife Marie and his seven year old son Sean In an instant, however, his life changes when his family is taken in the middle of the night The kidnappers want to use his position as a pilot for Pegasus Airlines, to have him fly an unscheduled route with a plane full of passengers Former Special Agent Xan [...]

    7. Toni Boughton

      After a rough start this book turned into a nice, serviceable thriller I enjoyed the alcoholic former FBI agent, Xanadu Marx, and would be interested in books about her I would suggest that the author go easy on the thesaurus, though.

    8. Olivermagnus

      I selected this book based on the fact that the main character s name was Xanadu and I needed to complete a challenge which had a character with an X in his her name Before we meet Xanadu, we are introduced to Larry Walder, a pilot with a local airline When Larry s wife and son are kidnapped, he is forced to land his airplane in a field where we soon find out the unique reason everyone on board has been taken hostage.On the ground, disgraced FBI agent Xanadu Marx is called in to consult and tran [...]

    9. Victor Gentile

      Joshua Corin in his new book, Cost of Life published by Alibi introduces us to Larry Walder and FBI agent Xanadu Marx.From the back cover For readers of Preston Child, James Rollins, and Brad Thor comes a gripping new thriller from Joshua Corin, in which an audacious hijacking is just the beginning of a twisted international nightmare.Happy Independence Day You re all going to die.Life can t be better for veteran pilot Larry Walder He has a great job, a terrific kid, a gorgeous wife and no inkli [...]

    10. Jessica Higgins

      An exciting account of a flight hijacking turned into a game show where the losers die What is the true cost of life Flight Captain Larry Walder just wanted to get his flight from Atlanta to Cozumel, Mexico complete so that he could be back in time for the 4th of July fireworks with his family Until he is woken in the middle of the night by a group of men that claim they have taken his wife and son hostage and will dispose of them if he does not reroute tomorrow s flight to the coordinates they [...]

    11. Diane Coto

      The title is than appropriate and serves as a brief summary of this novel Larry Walder is the pilot for Pegasus Airlines His wife Marie and seven year old son Sean have been abducted The kidnapper makes his demands plain the cost of his family s freedom is for Larry to alter flight 816 from its destination of Cozumel, MX to the coordinates they dictate Reese Rankin is Larry s copilot He holds a glock on him so he won t interfere with the new coordinates The hijackers don t mind the passengers c [...]

    12. Carolyn Injoy

      Cost of Life A Xanadu Marx Thriller by Joshua Corin warranted eight stars on a scale of one to five I was delighted to discover a new author whose main character who was well written and will be long remembered Larry Walder is a pilot His wife Marie and his seven year old son Sean are taken hostage to force him to take a different route in his next flight There is a unique reason for this hijacking.Xanadu Marx is an alchoholic ex FBI agent who drove her car into a house while she was under the i [...]

    13. Tia Bach

      Life can change in an instant, especially when a madman s involved Pilot Larry Walder goes to bed a happy man and wakes up a desperate husband and father To save his family, he must play a madman s game in the air, no less Then, the FBI and a struggling agent named Xana get involved They have very little information to go on Many lives hang in the balance After a quick setup, this story takes off and never lets up It s an edge of your seat thriller with high emotional stakes There are lives lost [...]

    14. Annabel Krantz

      Cost of Life started with a regular plane hijacking You know, man flies plane off course to save his kidnapped wife and child Coupled with some pretty flowery descriptions, I wasn t 100% hooked However, then things took a very interesting turn.Picking up the pace, we learn why the Pilot, Larry, was blackmailed into taking the plane off course In a Hunger Games twist for the modern age, the hijackers pit humanity against itself, in an aim to demonstrate America s philosophy that money can buy any [...]

    15. Mark Easter

      For readers of Preston Child, James Rollins, and Brad Thor comes a gripping new thriller from Joshua Corin, in which an audacious hijacking is just the beginning of a twisted international nightmare.Happy Independence Day You re all going to die Life can t be better for veteran pilot Larry Walder He has a great job, a terrific kid, a gorgeous wife and no inkling that tonight will be the end of the world as he knows it In the early hours before the Fourth of July, three men break into Larry s hom [...]

    16. Marisa

      A fun added dimension to reading this book was that the only times I found time to read it while I was commuting to work aka on a plane Reading circumstances aside, this was a very good thriller told from different perspectives that kept it intriguing Initially I did struggle to get into the book, however once Xana is introduced I enjoyed it She s a fascinating character that seems to equally irritate and entertain those she encounters.Since the story is told from a few different viewpoints thi [...]

    17. Jo Reason

      Wow, a thrilling ride, from the very first chapter, what to do when your family is being threatened is alway a tough book to read Character development is good with the main characters Larry is great, a family man, I liked his character, but Xana s I didn t like, it seemed a little wild and over the top.It is written from two different points of view, Larry and the detectives on the case I preferred Larry s side of the story, with all the hostages on the plane, there are some gruesome parts here [...]

    18. Connie N.

      Thanks to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Since this is not my usual genre, it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise The story was absorbing, definitely compelling me to turn the pages to see what would happen The plotline was built slowly and agonizingly, keeping the passengers and those around them and the reader in suspense Although there is some world politics involved, and a bit or moralizing by the lead terrorist, this book is about the personal [...]

    19. Philip Bailey

      Mostly realistic in today s world Somewhere between Murphy s Law and Miranda, where anything can go wrong and it can and will be used against you Hijacked plane, likely scenario, hijacked pilot, also realistic Terrorists, what else is new Alcoholic agent OK it happens, she was dismissed from her job because of it Alcoholic agent who has been fired used to help resolve the situation, not likely All the above cobbled together to read as a nail biter of a story Do people think of these scenarios as [...]

    20. CL

      ARC received from NetgalleyRating 4.5 Cover YayPOV 3rd PersonOne Sentence Summary A hostage thriller with a twist Review This suspense novel does well with the attempts to defy your expectations the FBI Agent who has been kicked out of the agency due to alcoholism, her sidekick who is a teenager with a terminal illness and a conscience, the ransom of the hostages with a unique gameshow twist.A real page turner which will no doubt turn out to be the hidden crime gem of 2015.

    21. Jay Williams

      This is a truly different story that builds on current events to create a high energy thriller that grabs the reader emotionally as well as intellectually The people involved are very real and demonstrate great depth The story line is engrossing and imaginative Whether bad guys or good guys, every character has a story and is intriguing There are many good guys, and the reader can appreciate all of them for different reasons The elements of human nature are completely on display The ending was i [...]

    22. Della

      Cost of Life, Joshua Corin, A wonderful, action packed, thriller This is the story of a hijacked plane, it s passengers put up for auction in order to save their life Where each passenger must appeal to the audience to save their life by bidding with their credit or debit cards But it not all about the passengers it s also about the people who work to save them, especially a disgraced FBI agent Xanadu Marx the book takes place in Atlanta s busiest airport and is a local author Great Read, highly [...]

    23. Jeffrey Hurwitz

      If you can suspend all reality, this is a fun read if you are in the mood for something light The characters are not very well developed and clich d, but the plot is interesting and the action flows The action sequences are generally well written, but the attempts at character driven aspects not so much It s a bit like the author had made for movie in his head as he wrote If you want a quick read after a serious book, this is not a bad choice.

    24. Judy Gill

      A darned good bookJoshua Corin has come up with not just a typical airliner hijacking yarn, but one with twists, turns, and surprises His writing, at times lyrical, keeps the reader enrapt as he enters into the points of view of the different characters Even his villain is so well crafted one can almost understand his motivation A not to be missed book, one of the few I feel fully deserve the 5 stars I seldom award.

    25. Jeanie

      A thriller that started out strong with a home invasion of pilot Larry Walder, whose family will be killed if he does not fly his plane to their coordinates Sounds good, it fast packed But it came to a halt as it became flippant I believe that the author was trying to be all funny, intense, all at the same time and it became the flippant thriller Readable but forgettable A Special Thank You to Alibi and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

    26. Mark

      I really enjoyed the concept of this, it would make a great movie, and in terms of trash reading it wasn t poorly written I was disappointed by the ending which felt like a damp squib after the elaborate build up, so much so I had to track back and re read what had actually happened, it just passed me by A shame then, but still a great twist on the hijack terrorist genre

    27. Lauren Bromley

      I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley.I flew through this book I think I read it in just over 24 hours In retrospect, probably shouldn t have started it just before I got on a plane But it definitely was a thriller I loved it It terrified me, but I couldn t put it down I d love to read by this author.

    28. Betty

      EXCELLENT Where do I begin Great characters, lots of action and stomach clenching suspense I would like to see Xana Marx and Larry Walder pilot extraordinar In another book and with the other characters included.

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