Jagannath Best Download || [Kerry Alan Denney] - Jagannath, Jagannath The monster from your nightmares is here It s destroying civilization Soon the human race will be extinct The year is and Corporal Kimi Jayden has one chance to rescue the lone refugee girl who

  • Title: Jagannath
  • Author: Kerry Alan Denney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 266
  • Format: ebook
  • Jagannath

    Jagannath Best Download || [Kerry Alan Denney] - Jagannath, Jagannath The monster from your nightmares is here It s destroying civilization Soon the human race will be extinct The year is and Corporal Kimi Jayden has one chance to rescue the lone refugee girl who

    • Jagannath Best Download || [Kerry Alan Denney]
      266 Kerry Alan Denney

    One thought on “Jagannath

    1. Elke

      A monstrosity that does not only feed on humans, but on their minds as well, absorbing their memories, their knowledge, their feelings Humanity on the verge of extinction, reduced to scattered groups living in Enclaves and fighting with everything they have, including some crazy weapons that spray gel, which upon contact with the creature crystallizes and vaporizes its flesh But, considering the enormous ever growing size of the evil mass, it seems like a drop in the bucket.The concept of the Ja [...]

    2. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

      Review JAGGANATHAn immediately engrossing, literally rip roaring literally rips, roars, deaths, and devouring on nearly every page apocalyptic and dystopian thriller so little of humanity is left, that civilization is only small enclaves of citizen soldiers , JAGGANATH demands to be a one session read, because who could sleep before completing its tale I loved the excellent writing and construction, the implacability of the destroyer, its Cthulhu ian nature, the valiant yet fatally flawed human [...]

    3. Lynxie

      After trying to slog through Fantastes, and only succeeding to get to 30% because of the heaviness of the old language, switching to Jagannath was a fantastic relief Especially when I realised that the writing style was light and playful, with loads of action that was to the point and active I liked the characters, Kimi and Lily, and I especially liked the importance of the canine friends too The male cast was lacking in substance as far as I was concerned There were plenty of them, but they pla [...]

    4. Sarah-Jayne Briggs

      I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review This review may contain spoilers.I liked the blurb of this book and the cover was suitably creepy, one that I felt fit in really well with the plot of the story.I found the world really easy to follow and although apocalyptic scenarios are quite a common theme, I thought this was a fairly unique idea The Reaper was a really awful creature Or being Whatever it was Its ability to absorb its prey was something that was really creepy durin [...]

    5. Netanella

      First paragraph A tentacle as thick as a railroad tie burst out of the gap in the crumbling wall The sinuous limb shot toward the Renegade soldier like a giant compressed spring releasing Before the soldier could aim his flamethrower at it, the tentacle coiled around him and squeezed.Yowza as Vilma from Scooby Doo would say This is one action ride of a good read easily consumed in one day, I couldn t put it down today, carting my ereader with me and snatching readings here and there as I ran err [...]

    6. Michelle Bryan

      Jagannath by Kerry Alan Denney is truly a unique ride It is the story of an evil, blob like creature destroying humanity as it absorbs every thing in it s path, nearly wiping out the entire civilization The it absorbs, the intelligent and stronger it becomes It is now up to a select few military survivors to stop this nightmarish creature and save what is left of the world s population Although I enjoyed all the characters in this book I have to say my favorites were Lily and Spook Lily, a 13 [...]

    7. David Watson

      Jagannath by Kerry Alan Denney is about an evil unstoppable monster that is destroying civilization and bringing on the apocalypse, one city at a time The name describes a hindu god and means lord and master of the universe Jaggernath is also the origin for the word Juggernaut and this creature is unstoppable, it absorbs humans and assimilates their intelligence growing stronger as it moves along.Once it is done with the human race it will move on to the next planet and start all over again Ther [...]

    8. Ryan Hartung

      When the Reaper first appears from the ocean s depths no one is concerned at the amorphous oddity Once the viscous slime develops a taste for human flesh, everything changes Cities are destroyed and humankind is taken to the brink of destruction Only a few remain.I began reading Jagannath only a few days ago and was barely able to put it down When it comes to Thriller writing, Kerry Alan Denny is excellent Not only is the story exhilarating, starting with fantastic action at it s very beginning, [...]

    9. Sandra Shrewsbury

      I won this book in a contest the other day and I couldn t wait to read it It really intrigue me so I started it right away The year is 2037, and Corporal Kimi Jayden has one chance to rescue the lone refugee girl who is miraculously immune to Reaper absorption Thirteen year old Lily walks the deserted streets of Savannah alone, ever since the Reaper absorbed her family and tried and failed to absorb her a year ago An amorphous creature that has nearly wiped out civilization, growing as it feeds, [...]

    10. Caren Davis

      An amorphous creature mysteriously appeared on Earth and nearly wiped out civilization The Reaper, as it has come to be known, absorbs its victims intelligence along with their memories Growing larger and smarter with every feeding it has become impossible to stop Corporal Kimi Jayden is on a mission to find the girl who might be able to save them all Thirteen year old Lily has been alone since the monster absorbed her family a year ago No one knows why the creature can t absorb her but believe [...]

    11. Ramona Plant

      I absolutely loved this book Kerry is an excellent author who is a master of his skill, there is no doubt about it His writing style captivates you The book has an incredibly well developed plot and the pace to read it is exactly what I love the most Kerry s imagination takes you on quite a journey He expertly weaves together the story line from the angle of various main characters.His main characters are a brilliant cast for this story You truly get everything you can ask for and even some roma [...]

    12. Barb McKinley

      I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Wow, what a ride Nonstop action, adventure and all around mayhem Author, Kerry Denney, has done a marvelous job of creating a dystopian world that is frightening and keeps you on the edge of your seat The plot is a basic good versus evil but it goes so much farther with sub plots that are hair raising.The characters are rich and wonderful heroes that encompass the good in humanity and all its redeeming qualities You [...]

    13. Jacquelyn Smith

      JagannathWOW My head was spinning with all the action in this one book I was scared to turn out my lights after reading a chapters The author really made me feel like I was the character instead of the reader.She pulled me into the hearts and minds of each character After losing her parents to the Reaper, Kim had nothing to live for, but to rid the planet of its existence forever This is the only reason she join the Enclave She had lose everything to this disgusting creature Kim only question wa [...]

    14. Rinny Rainwind

      I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.First I would like to say I usually don t review this genre of books Now let me say, I loved it The story is so unique and interesting The creature was very scary because of the forms it could take Some events in the story happened really fast so you can t put the book down for long The main characters are so easy to like and follow I also cried when one of my favorite characters died Then cheered when some of my o [...]

    15. Michael

      Jagannath hooked me from the first page Mr Denney does a very smart thing and starts this excellent sci fi thriller well into the storyline The creature has already come, task forces are well under way He throws us right into the mix, introducing his smart, complex characters as they prepare for another mission This one a rescue of Earth s last, best hope He involves the reader in the same whirlwind of tension, suspense, and action that these characters feel Brilliant The monster of this book th [...]

    16. Jenn

      I received this book for free from LoP in exchange for an honest review.First I just want to say Wow This took a great imagination to put together The whole thing seriously reminded me of The Blob but with extra twists From page 1 you re sucked into the action and it never stops So many times I thought for sure I knew what was going to happen and then Bam Thrown for a loop every time So many twists and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I didn t want to clean or go to work bc I just had [...]

    17. Kaila

      I got this book from the author for an honest opinion.That being said I wasn t sure at first about this genre but the synopsis made me curious so I asked to read it It was amazing some parts were scary some parts were funny and overall everything was amazing This book is a mixture of horror and mythology and so many other types of genres put together and it all flowed so well The characters stayed with you and kept you on the edge of your seat I HAD to find out what happened next it was like nee [...]

    18. Docpaula Lark

      Amazing Such a talented author One of the bet books I ve ever read From the very first words thru one action packed, heart wrenching, heart pumping, inspiring, and totally enchanting and absorbing page after page, it is a Must Read for all Sci fi, horror, dystopian, come one come all A monstrous tale with a much needed light at the end of the tunnel Keep em coming Kerry

    19. Seregon BookWorm

      Warning Possible Spoilers I received this free in exchange for an honest review It did not affect my opinion in any way A mysterious amoeba like creature, dubbed The Reaper, that constantly changes shape is eating humans More like it is absorbing them and feeding off of their knowledge and memories A soldier, Corporal Kimi Jayden is part of a team that is ordered to rescue and bring back a 13 year old girl named Lily No one knows why, but she is immune to the Reaper s absorption As she escapes t [...]

    20. Marcus Leighton

      You know when the first line of a novel consists of a large black tentical exploding from a wall, you re in for a fast paced, wild ride The Jagannath provides just that It has been a while since I have read a science fiction story, most of what I read is horror or thriller But I was very pleased with my first in while tread onto Sci fi turf The story takes place in the future and a giant shape shifting creature is devouring mankind pretty cool so far but mankind has regrouped and is now starting [...]

    21. Michelle Willms

      With Jagannath, Kerry Denney has created a wickedly fierce paced sci fi adventure Earth has been overtaken by a monster that emerged from the black depths of the ocean, devouring everything in its path Only a 12 year old girl seems immune to its hunger.Kerry writes about a world ravaged by a heinous monster, but this same monster unites mankind against a common enemy It is a story simultaneously horrid and stunning Within seconds of beginning this tale, the reader will quickly become engrossed i [...]

    22. Reader's Hollow

      We start out in the midst of a war Humans vs something none of them are prepared for It reminded me of a combination of McCammon s Swan Song and Koontz s Phantoms This creature is a juggernaut of power It started out small but as it absorbed creatures it begins to gain intelligence It could mimic people who d been absorbed and often taunted the living this way.Most of the characters were well done The one that stood out the most was, Lily Every chapter she was in held me captive She s a 13 year [...]

    23. Mary Hartshorn

      Wow, was this book amazing Kerry did a phenomenal job of combining a post apocalyptic Sci Fi fantasy book into one epic fight for human survival I could not put this book down it was so good This story was told from a few viewpoints which all melded together without negatively impacting the story The main characters in this book are Kimi a soldier who was orphaned as a young teen to a monster devastating the world Lily another orphaned child of 12, who has a special immunity to this monster and [...]

    24. Giles Batchelor

      The first chapter of this had me totally hooked, and I could hardly put it down until I reached the end I m not quite sure what genre this book fits into, it s SF and Post Apocalyptic, and Horror and combines all of these so well Set in a not too distant future earth, humanity is on the brink of destruction, the Reaper a sentient transforming sludge has come forth on the planet, only pockets of survivors survive, the majority in heavily fortified Enclave s, but there is hope, a little girl is ca [...]

    25. Tim

      Fantastic storyKerry Alan Denney is a word artist There are few writers I would give this term to but this author deserves it Kerry is also a genre blender He blends various genres perfectly The pace of this book is perfect as well It moves fast when it needs to while slowing at times for character development In terms of characters and their background and development the author is great at this What wonderful characters he has created All characters are realistic and had me rooting for or agai [...]

    26. Evan

      I m exhausted I m always in the mood for a good post apocalyptic story and I was so not disappointed with this one from Mr Denney Just a fantastic romp through the wasteland of what was once the USA, trying to survive an ancient horror that had been awakened.Loved the characters, especially Lilly If you don t end up just wanting to adopt her for your own, you ain t got a heart This girl has survived the worst that humans, nature, and a monster from the very pit of hell itself has to offer And to [...]

    27. Cyril Patrick Feerick

      I finished this book on the same day I started it I was willing to lose some sleep to get to the last page Put simply Jagannath is unstoppable A mysteriously creature appears from the ocean s floor on a mission to destroy humanity Its the blend of action, mythology and science fiction that made the reading this book a real pleasure Author Kerry Alan Denney has a sophisticated writing style that kept me interested all the way through He creates a completely believable protagonist with good suppor [...]

    28. Cait

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review through the Read to Review system in Lovers of Paranormal group.Here is my pre read blurb about my initial thoughts on this book rabidreads 2015 09 18 pre My initial impression of this book is very good and I can t wait to devour it.Fully read review rabidreads 2015 10 03 reviI freaking love this book Amazing villian, great characters, amazing plot, and strong female heroines What else could a girl ask for 5 5 and a gold star on my blog, grea [...]

    29. Denise

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Jagannath took me by surprise completely I was pulled in from the beginning and was hooked I had a hard time putting it down The storyline was awesome A mix of horror, paranormal, supernatural, sci fi, dystopia and fantasy takes a lot of talent to mix and come out with a great story And this book definitely delivered Full of action, suspense and extremely thrilling The characters were great Kimi was a strong heroine I loved he [...]

    30. Veronica Smith

      Jagannath was a completely different type of book than my usual reading preference, but I enjoyed it a lot It had a post apocalyptic, warrior fighting air to it that I tend to lean to The monster was nothing like I had ever read before I wasn t crazy about the very ending but since the rest of the book was so good I could look past that and still give it the 5 star rating that I thought it deserved This was the first book that I d read by Kerry Denney and I hope it won t be the last I will be ch [...]

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