J'Adore Paris

Free Download J'Adore Paris - by Isabelle Lafleche - J'Adore Paris, J Adore Paris When chic Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert lands her dream job as intellectual property director for Christian Dior she is on top of the world She s prepared to embark on the ride of her life in the

  • Title: J'Adore Paris
  • Author: Isabelle Lafleche
  • ISBN: 9781443413329
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • J'Adore Paris

    Free Download J'Adore Paris - by Isabelle Lafleche - J'Adore Paris, J Adore Paris When chic Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert lands her dream job as intellectual property director for Christian Dior she is on top of the world She s prepared to embark on the ride of her life in the

    • Free Download J'Adore Paris - by Isabelle Lafleche
      357 Isabelle Lafleche
    J'Adore Paris

    One thought on “J'Adore Paris

    1. Anastasia シ

      The main character is Catherine Lambert, is a Parisian Lawyer, who just moved back to France, from working in New York, when she lands her dream job as intellectual property director for Christian Dior She is reunited with her boyfriend Antoine Her American friend Rikash joins her as she embarks on the ride of her life, fighting high profile legal battles against internal counterfeiters.I usually don t read this type of genre click it but I enjoyed this one I definitely couldn t put it down I re [...]

    2. Lianne

      J Adore Paris is just such a fun novel to read Catherine in a way is really living the life, from her posh apartment that she shares with her gorgeous and smart boyfriend to the Dior outfits and the amazing restaurants and eateries across the City of Lights.It was interesting to read about the counterfeiting underworld and its consequences, how it affects the company and the economy I haven t read novels or watched shows that touch on this issue and it s quite a contemporary issue that firms fac [...]

    3. Heather

      I wanted to like this one I really did A lawyer Working for Dior In Paris But it was just so poorly written and incredibly repetitive for real, I remember what happened in the last chapter and don t need constant recaps It just fell totally flat for me.

    4. J.L.

      I liked this quirky read The character development was great if you love fashion and a bit of mystery you will definitely like this book Rikash is hilarious and Catherine is a woman after my own heart she is comfortable with being different and has impeccable values no one takes her down The French intertwined with English text is refreshing and fun I also like all the descriptions about Paris never been but will be travelling there for my first time this fall This is a nice easy read I read it [...]

    5. Karine Arseneau Guignard

      Encore un bon livre de fille pas conpliqu , a donne tellement envie de revisiter Paris Et de magasiner un peu chez Dior

    6. Andria Caputo

      Absolutely delightful A great follow up to J Adore New York This book made me wish I was back in Paris, for good

    7. Catherine McKenzie

      If you enjoyed J Adore New York, you ll want to pick up the continuing adventures of Catherine and Rikash Food, fashion, intrigue, fun.

    8. Sophie

      I loved this sequel to J Adore New York Descriptions of Paris are very well done and adventures of Catherine and Rikash are thoroughly entertaining

    9. Dramagirl

      Another great read from Isabelle Lafleche If I ever visit Paris, I will definitely look around for all of the places mentioned in the book J aimais beaucoup l histoire

    10. Anna

      Cz znacznie s absza ni Kocham NY , z wieloma powt rkami i infantylno ci Na dodatek z b dami w t umaczeniu typu przegl darka internetowa zamiast wyszukiwarka internetowa, co jest znaczn r nic

    11. Michele

      This, and other reviews can be found on Just a Lil LostRating 3.5 5 stars Catherine, a Parisian lawyer who had previously relocated to New York for work, has moved back to France to work at Christian Dior As the intellectual property director, she is excited to be working at such a prestigious company but her dreams of a new glamorous job are thwarted when she finds herself caught up in a seedy world of counterfeiting Catherine, with the help of her assistant Rikash, must try to stop the crime r [...]

    12. Jacqueline

      This is the second book featuring chic Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert, but it is not necessary to have read book one J adore New York beforehand Having survived the cut throat life of New York Catherine returns to her beloved Paris to take on a new job as corporate lawyer for fashion house Christian Dior The beginning of the book is very upbeat and dreamy Catherine is on a high to be back in Paris, in love and moving into her boyfriend s apartment and excited about her new role at Christian D [...]

    13. Ineke van Mackelenbergh

      Ineke van Mackelenbergh Definitely Chick Lit this is an amusing novella written in a breezy, humorous style Lots of name dropping, descriptions of both sumptuous decors and dress style add to the razzmatazz of fashion, fashionistas and the world of haute couture Throughout I discerned the author s love of, and love affair with Paris and her knowledge is in depth, but too many clich s and use of famous quotes took away from the overall narrative The counterfeiting angle gave the storyline a bit o [...]

    14. Renée Sylvestre-williams

      It s pretty much what you expect with a lawyer Mary Sue She gets a job at Dior, is really good at the raids of counterfeit goods, has a sidekick who makes her look even brilliant, is stunning at her job, and has a loving, successful boyfriend It s fluff but not even good fluff She works at Dior, couldn t we get better descriptions of the products The issues in the book fights with the boyfriend, the stalking, her photo circulated among counterfeiters seemed contrived and there to amp up the pag [...]

    15. Day's Lee

      The adventures of Catherine Lambert continue in Paris with a new job and a new love As an intellectual property director for Christian Dior, she is up front and in the war against counterfeiters and the never ending office politics Isabelle Lafl che did a great job with this sequel She kept me reading and guessing what would happen next We also get a glimpse into the dark world of counterfeiting and it is an eye opener After finding out what goes into counterfeit perfume, you can bet that I will [...]

    16. Krista

      It was an alright book Nothing special I suppose I thought it would be interesting but it was alright It was basically the main character being great at everything and having a perfect life and things being handed to her And I felt like a lot was forgotten at the end, like there wasn t closure for some things and very opened ended Good enough read 3 5

    17. Septembre

      2.5 stars Interesting storyline and the novel provides a detailed tour of sorts of Paris and crash course on international counterfeiting but the writing is laborious at best and a bit clich and repetitive at worst.

    18. Elaine Bennett

      I loved the references to fashion and the Paris culture The use of famous quotes in the book was overkill and her job description was mostly unrealistic The plot was oversimplified and the character development was amateurish Overall, the book was fun and a good light read.

    19. Abigail

      I liked the first book in this series and was hoping I would like the second book even but I ended up being a bit disappointed I didn t like the book less than the first but I didn t like it either.

    20. D. Barretta

      Fashionistas will J ADORE this book I devoured it in a day That in itself tells you how much I enjoyed this book Part fashion, part mystery a little romance on the side A fun series that I hope is not over.

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