Isle of 100,000 Graves

[PDF] Read ✓ Isle of 100,000 Graves : by Fabien Vehlmann Jason - Isle of 100,000 Graves, Isle of Graves Five years ago little Gwenny s father found inside a bottle a map with instructions on how to reach the mysterious Isle of Graves and its legendary treasures and then he vanished Now Gwenny

  • Title: Isle of 100,000 Graves
  • Author: Fabien Vehlmann Jason
  • ISBN: 9781606994429
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Isle of 100,000 Graves

    [PDF] Read ✓ Isle of 100,000 Graves : by Fabien Vehlmann Jason - Isle of 100,000 Graves, Isle of Graves Five years ago little Gwenny s father found inside a bottle a map with instructions on how to reach the mysterious Isle of Graves and its legendary treasures and then he vanished Now Gwenny

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    • [PDF] Read ✓ Isle of 100,000 Graves : by Fabien Vehlmann Jason
      345 Fabien Vehlmann Jason
    Isle of 100,000 Graves

    One thought on “Isle of 100,000 Graves

    1. Sam Quixote

      Set in Pirate Times, Gwenny s pop went a sailing to find the legendary treasure of the Isle of 100,000 graves but never returned Then Gwenny finds a map to the island in a bottle and joins a swashbuckling crew of pirates to find out what happened to him But what she discovers is something completely unexpected Jason is one of my favourite cartoonists and coupled with a great writer like Fabien Vehlmann you get a magnificent book like Isle of 100,000 Graves Jason s best known for his silent or sp [...]

    2. Chad

      A quirky little book filled with deadpan, gallows humor Gwenny finds a treasure map in a bottle and talks some pirates into taking her on a hunt for the treasure while looking for her Dad who found a similar map 5 years ago What they find on the island is much different Often humorous with a dry wit aged like a fine wine.

    3. FuchsiaGroan

      Hac a tiempo que ten a ganas de leer este c mic, un poco por ver c mo ser a el dibujo de Jason con el gui n de Vehlmann a quien no conozco , y es curioso, porque he notado pocas diferencias y casi podr a haberla escrito y dibujado Jason en solitario Quiz s Vehlmann tenga un estilo similar, no lo s.Aunque en un primer momento recuerda sin duda a La isla del tesoro, pronto toma otro rumbo.El humor en este es mucho m s acentuado, usa muchos chistes, humor absurdo, y yo encantada porque me han hecho [...]

    4. Brian Dickerson

      BCDER 88Jason knocks it out of the park yet again, but this time with the help of the richly talented Fabian Vehlmann I liked seeing a Jason product with dialogue than usual The story is typical of what we ve come to expect from Jason with a bit of crime noir and a twist near the end The flat coloring by Hubert is also great per usual Jason does with 50 pages or less than anyone else I read.

    5. Allie

      Boy howdy, I love Jason This story centers on a plucky little lady, Gwenny, looking for her father He disappeared while looking for treasure on the titular Isle of 100,000 Graves She finds a map in a bottle, finds a crew to take her there, and uses her crafty intelligence to get to the island Gwinny reminds me of like Veronica Mars, if Veronica Mars was a terse, Scandinavian cat Additionally, the school she finds on the island is super funny to me, but I don t want to spoil it.

    6. Meem

      Jason delivers pitch perfect noir every time Every work of his is a monument to minimalism You are a treasure map inside a bottle, you beautiful Norwegian, and I d be a willing prisoner in your island.

    7. Jeremy Stephens

      Three letters summarize my reaction to everything about this graphic novel wtf I have been reviewing books here on the site for three years now and thus far this was by far the hardest book to give a rating for What I liked about this book was that the style of writing and artwork was that difficult to describe weirdness that independent comics seem to have I also liked the satirical nature of the plot it was a piratical island adventure story filled with melodramatic characters, unrealistic con [...]

    8. Miguel Jiménez

      Si se cre a que no hab a alguien con un estilo similar a Jason, se estaba en un error Jason es nico, no hay duda, pero Vellman complementa y queda muy bien en la ya de por s especial narrativa gr fica de Jason El guionista mantiene esa ternura hacia los personajes, as como el humor absurdo e irreverente Aunque Vellman lo hace con m s desenfado el humor es mucho m s marcado Creo que por eso hay un exceso en los chistes, en repetir la f rmula de lo gracioso o incluso el chiste mismo Algo en lo que [...]

    9. Tif

      A simple story about a clever girl who hires a pirate crew with the lure of map promising a massive, legendary treasure, in the hopes of finding her father whom went missing years before on an island occupied by career executioners in training It was a strange story to read in that it got right to the point and made me wonder what kind of short tale I had gotten myself into, but it developed into quite a fun, cheeky read And when I came to this line of dialog in the story, A time saver, to be su [...]

    10. Jason

      I don t even think I can be critical any I m just a fanboy everything Jason puts his hand to is great Having a different writer on board was a nice change of pace, though Vehlmann s style meshes really well with Jason s Great stuff I particularly liked the ending a little less abrupt perhaps than the usual for Jason.

    11. Zaz

      This one was fun The story didn t look interesting at first, but soon there were pirates and other creepy bad characters I liked that the main characters were smart kids and how the setting was really unusual The art worked well as in other books by this author with the animal humans and it was a nice way to tell the story in pictures.

    12. Zack! Empire

      my favorite book so far by Jason, altough he didn t do this one alone, so i m not sure if you can count it as a Jason book The hangman s academy stuff was very funny It was just really enjoyable, and a nice break from all the horror and superhero stuff i ve been reading.

    13. Liam

      It s like a better version of Pirates Of The Carribean The only story drawn by Jason without adult content, as Vehlmann s writing puts Jason s art style in a new fantasy adventure genre As light hearted and funny as Jason gets even so than The Left Bank Gang.Simple but enjoyable, hard to fault as a story I d be amazed if anyone disliked this, but would also be unsurprised if many readers were not in absolute awe of it Too unmemorable for a 4 from me and as I could recommend this only lightly, b [...]

    14. Michael

      It s not quite as clever as a Jason solo outing, but scripter Fabien Vehlmann provides a pleasantly goofy quest and Jason s bright, clean artwork maximizes the fun of it.

    15. Ross McLean

      A charming and precocious young girl teams up with a band of rough and tumble pirates in search of a fabled treasure and her long lost father They try to take advantage of her, but she is always one step ahead of them as is often the case with precocious young girls Things really begin to go awry when they wash up on an island used as a school for budding executioners It s like an unused plot from a Lucas Arts Monkey Island adventure game.Part of what I usually love about Jason comics is how muc [...]

    16. Mariana Orantes

      Novelita gr fica que se lee rapid simo y que yo hab a evitado por pura desidia Un amigo muy querido, ilustrador y toda la cosa me la prest un d a pues es gran fan tico de Jason La novelita para mi gusto va demasiado r pido creo que esas 56 p ginas bien pudieron ser 100 Los personajes no se desarrollan muy bien y tienen todo para ser memorables ya en la tradici n de la Isla del tesoro de Stevenson, todos amamos a los piratas y las historias que involucran una isla, un tesoro, un ni o o ni a y un [...]

    17. Brendan

      Jason and his co author present a tidy little tale about a secret island where shadowy people capture and kill anyone with the temerity or poor luck to land Like much of Jason s work, it s cute without being cutesy, light hearted and serious at the same time Jason taps into the same cartoonish horror that Jim Woodring uses to inflate the balloon animals in Frank In this case, the quest of the little girl for her missing father brims with both pathos and humor, amplified by her pirate companion w [...]

    18. William Holm

      Previously I have worried a bit that Jason is starting to repeat himself So now he works together with a writer which give some new life to his characters Although I must say that the story is very much in line with what we are used to see from Jason It is very well executed both the storytelling and the art work I particularly appreciated the obvious solution to the problem of getting volunteers to a school for torture and executions you simply send out false treasure maps and pirates will come [...]

    19. Ravenhats

      A fast funny, dark and humorous story this work has all the trappings of great Jason work After finding a bottle with a map to island run by a executioner school where her father was last seen, Gwenny hires a crew of pirates to get her to the island and away from her crazy mother She then blackmails one of them, and later employs the help of dunce student at the school This is a bizarre and extremely creative work like most of Jason s titles The art remains wonderful and expressive, with the use [...]

    20. Jacobi

      Jason is a really interesting creator His art is very sparse and simplistic, and his characters are blunt and one note, but these elements come together to make wonderful nuggets of stories I think Jason s stuff works so well because he really is telling stories you cannot find anywhere else Isle of 100,000 Graves is no different There are lots of neat little ideas sprinkled throughout Isle, but I think they re fun to discover them as you read, so I won t spoil any of them here.

    21. Danielroffle

      Though readers familiar only with Jason might be surprised by his latest venture, for those who have also come into contact with Fabien Vehlmann s work the result is almost ridicolously true to what you d expect a perfect synthesis of what one knows Jason comics to be like, and what one knows Vehlmann comics to be like The pulpy setting, melancholy and of course the gorgeous clear line style are Jason s the sadism is Vehlmann s The end result isn t as fully satifactory as the works of either art [...]

    22. Feather Mista

      Mucho humor negro en una linda variedad de colores Me hizo acordar a Anita la hija del verdugo, aunque en este caso se trata de la hija de un padre desaparecido que puede haber sido ejecutado en una isla habitada que tira mensajes al mar con se uelos para que la gente vaya y termine como conejillo de indias para los estudiantes de la escuela de verdugos Bueno, ahora que lo pienso no se parece en nada de nada Pero es un c mic muy entretenido y con momentos bastante tiernos.

    23. Jonathan H.

      A bizarre little comic about a girl who goes in search of her missing father, who left years ago for the Isle of 100,000 Graves in search of treasure and never returned Jason s animal headed characters go through this darkly comic story with their trademark blank expressions Without giving away too much, it s a violent but funny story about a very clever and resourceful little gril.

    24. Joe

      Amazing and awesome Much of everything great about Jason s solo work is here with the sadistic charm of Vehlmann It felt like the two perfectly melded on this joint Loved it One minor drawbackI felt like it didn t have that moment of honest humanity that Jason s solo work tends to find It just wasn t there But, other than that, it s a fantastically fun read.

    25. Never

      A fine book that I liked, but ultimately it didn t have many of those mindblowing Jason moments of humanity that I ve come to expect in his books Possibly because of the co author I can t say His books always have their ups and downs, though, and none of them are bad And they take so little time to read I basically think everyone should just read every Jason book as a matter of course.

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