Batman: Cataclysm

✓ Batman: Cataclysm ↠ Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Jim Balent Eduardo Barreto Klaus Janson Graham Nolan Rick Burchett - Batman: Cataclysm, Batman Cataclysm It is a foe Batman can see and hearbut cannot touch It will strike only oncet will change his life forever Already weakened by a debilitating plague Gotham City is struck by a devastating force of na

  • Title: Batman: Cataclysm
  • Author: Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Jim Balent Eduardo Barreto Klaus Janson Graham Nolan Rick Burchett
  • ISBN: 9781563895272
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Batman: Cataclysm

    ✓ Batman: Cataclysm ↠ Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Jim Balent Eduardo Barreto Klaus Janson Graham Nolan Rick Burchett - Batman: Cataclysm, Batman Cataclysm It is a foe Batman can see and hearbut cannot touch It will strike only oncet will change his life forever Already weakened by a debilitating plague Gotham City is struck by a devastating force of na

    • ✓ Batman: Cataclysm ↠ Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Jim Balent Eduardo Barreto Klaus Janson Graham Nolan Rick Burchett
      494 Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Jim Aparo Jim Balent Eduardo Barreto Klaus Janson Graham Nolan Rick Burchett
    Batman: Cataclysm

    One thought on “Batman: Cataclysm

    1. Martin

      Hot on the heels of the just as terrible Batman Contagion, this book serves as a set up for the next bloated Batman event No Man s Land Let me save you some time frustration while there are somewhere in there a few good moments, mostly it s uneven writing with uneven art Here s a brief summary of Cataclysm A monster earthquake hits Gotham City Lots of people die, a lot need help because they re stuck somewhere or under something Batman friends can t possibly save everyone, and that bums them ou [...]

    2. Stewart Tame

      This was better than I was expecting Too often these mega series crossover events fall flat The effect of so many different creative teams, often than not, is to lose the focus of the story, pulling it this way and that, usually prolonging it beyond reasonable length, and just generally making a mess of things What Cataclysm gets right, is to come up with a storyline that can be almost demands to be told as a series of vignettes A major quake hits Gotham City, and there are many chances for her [...]

    3. Wing Kee

      I love Dixon and Grant but yeah this was only meh.World The world building is very extensive, there are a lot of POVs and every pieces of Gotham is shown during the event of the quake and it s meticulous Gotham is a character and it s a great setting for the story to take place in The art is all over the place but also what is expected of late 90s comic book art, there is the great Buckingham among others.Story The concept is a good one, the idea that Batman fights something he can t actually fi [...]

    4. Cameron

      A devastating earthquake hits Gotham City to almost everyone s surprise and Batman is faced with a problem he can t solve by punching it in the face The overwhelming power of nature.I love the concept of this story Looking at just the premise, it gives us a chance to see how Batman and friends would handle a situation where there isn t some big bad villain murdering people The situation is really just a large scale version of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with nature as the only rea [...]

    5. Joseph

      One of my biggest problems with superhero comics is that they re not self contained The major comic company s insistence that all their comics exist within one comic universe means that at any given time, multiple artists are working on multiple projects meant to exist both independently and as a cohesive whole Someday, somebody s going to pull this off, and it s going to be very impressive.Batman Cataclysm is not that project Spanning multiple comic series, the book describes the aftermath of G [...]

    6. Andrew

      Right I guess I will have to put my hand up to this one yes the next batman is shortly to be released and yes I have followed batman ever since at Uni I was introduced to a friends copy of Year One This book came to my attention some time ago not realising it was part of a larger story arch, yes I will admit my naivety when it comes to multi book spanning story arcs That said I am also pretty green to the whole graphic novel work only really dabbling in 2000AD and Neil Gaiman publications Howeve [...]

    7. Chaitra

      This was dreadful I liked the general premise of the story arc, a disaster so huge that even Bats cannot do anything about it But in reality, it ran out of steam quite quickly, because it s the same story over and over all of Batfam save some random civilians either together or by themselves It s fun to see them, and there s a cute Nightwing Oracle moment, but nothing much beyond that So many smoking guns what the hell happened to Two Face You don t bring him out, leave him hanging and use Ventr [...]

    8. Boots

      i decided as an opening salvo for 2013 i d commit to reading the 2500 page No Man s Land story arc and finally got my hands on this opening volume the nice thing about a disaster story is that the artists spend a lot of ink doing splash pages of things blowing up and falling down, so this was a page turner in that sense overall i enjoyed most of it, but will break it down here into the good, bad, and ugly.good compelling story telling that s not about people in tights for the most part superhero [...]

    9. Amber Ditullio

      Gotham has just made it through a horrid plague But Mother Nature refuses to give Batman s home city a break, hitting them with a devastating 7.8 earthquake Much of the city is in ruins though all of Wayne Industries holdings minus Wayne Manor have held their integrity thanks to Bruce Wayne s forethought The graphic novel follows Batman, Barbara Gordon, Nightwing and Robin as they do what they can sometimes together, sometimes along for the people of the Gotham.Partway through the story, once we [...]

    10. Sesana

      Sometimes, DC editorial can come up with some pretty bold ideas, and this was certainly one of them Take Batman, and the entire massive line of Bat family books, out of their comfort zones fighting crime and put them in a situation that they re ill prepared for, and that even their best efforts will be unable to fix In this case, a massive earthquake all but leveling Gotham There s no super villain to fight, and they won t be able to save everyone Like I said, a pretty bold idea Cataclysm works [...]

    11. David

      Oh, Batman Why can t I quit you You d think I d have learned my lesson after your defusing bombs via punching antics in Arkham Origins Or your comically raspy voice in The Dark Knight Rises Seriously, it was like a high school production of Batman But no matter how many times you prove to me that you re only as strong as your creative team, I keep crawling back to your strong arms and chiseled jawline.It s an interesting premise, I ll grant you that Use a massive earthquake to show that for all [...]

    12. Zane Hoffmann

      Batman Cataclysm The epic crossover in which the Batfamily must partake in fierce battle against a 7.6 earthquake that has struck Gotham, leaving its buildings in ruins and its citizens dead by the thousands It s about as good as you would expect a disaster movie with Batman to be, but instead of a movie it was a comic book and that comic books was compiled in one 320 page trade paperback It s entertaining and fun, but at the end of it all you just get Batman attempting to save his city from a f [...]

    13. Danie

      Gotham City shakes rattles and rolls A 7.6 magnitude earthquake hits Gotham City and flattens a whole lot of it Batman and the Batman family, including those such as Spoiler and Huntress and even Catwoman help save hundreds of people while thousands die in the rubble and chaos.This is the Trade Paperback that sets up the No Man s Land storyline.I liked the story on the whole, even how we got to see the exact same moments of the earthquake from so many different points of view, and they were all [...]

    14. Tyler

      His is one of those events that, like Knightfall, every committed Batman fan should read because it s referred to so often Gotham City is devastated by a horrific earthquake, unleashing chaos upon all, causing thousands of deaths, and threatening to expose Bruce Wayne s secret identity to the world It s well done for the most part, thoroughly exploring the widespread effect such a catastrophe would have on a city, and the nearly insurmountable challenge it brings to each of Gotham s heroes, be t [...]

    15. Arjun Mishra

      Two complaints, though perhaps others can cajole me otherwise.The dialogue was weak Robin, Alfred, GCPD, Gordons in particular disappointed me The backdrop of the city suffering a cataclysm is not conducive to normal dialogue, but it veered away from the normal routes in which human discussion occurs I suppose Batman and Huntress were alright.I did not care for the villain Not classic Batman villains, which should not affect the story so much, but the absence of the beloved villains is acute and [...]

    16. Jdetrick

      Events from the big two comics companies can be exhausting and often aren t very good, with characterization sacrificed to plot While Cataclysm isn t the best event out there, I think it s one of the better Batman crossovers Perhaps that s because many of the issues especially at the beginning of the crossover can stand alone and showcase various members of the Bat Family doing what they do best We re also treated to a Batman in this volume who isn t a psychotic he s a driven man, but he cares d [...]

    17. TJ Shelby

      Let me just say a few things to start This book is out of print sells for 50 on from independent dealers and rarely sells for under 25 30 on Ebay and is a prelude to the highly popular Batman No Man s Land mega series Maybe I went in with unrealistic ultra high expectations But over 300 pages of how Gotham dealt with an earthquake, rescue of citizens and concluding with an extremely brief extortion attempt by one of my least favorite Batman villains the Ventriloquist I felt let down.

    18. Jordan

      So the idea of Gotham and the Bat family facing a natural crisis rather than a supervillain was great, but it felt like they kind of spoiled that to some degree by throwing in the whole charade with the Quakemaster, who turned out to actually be view spoiler The Ventriloquist hide spoiler I get that someone would probably try and take advantage of the situation like that but I felt like a bit much of the focus was shifted to that and trying to figure out who he was and it detracted some from the [...]

    19. Sean

      This book was the first DC Universe crossover I ever bought in issues While, I thought I definitely overpaid at the time due to unnecessary issues, the event overall was fantastic I loved the idea of Bruce and his family having to deal with a realistic problem and the dangers that arose from that While there are a few hiccups involving some plot holes, uneven art, and or lack of other heroes, the collection is really good I already knew rereading what this leads to but it s a great starting poin [...]

    20. Sarah Toth

      I really liked how this book was one full volume prequel to the No Man s Land series I also liked how it had multiple stories going on from different characters points of view from all over Gotham This really allowed you to experience the full extent of what was happening to each person during the earthquake The only thing I didn t like was how the Penguin was included in this book I felt that his role was extremely irrelevant in this volume and his appearance could have been postponed until at [...]

    21. Jen

      I like the premise of Gotham ergo, Batman being confronted with the devastating impact of a natural disaster, of something beyond mortal control, and what calamities result from the destruction in its wake however, the sequence of the chain of events is sometimes confusing and tiresome given that many storylines are happening simultaneously, being told from multiple perspectives Most of it doesn t serve the main narrative very much This is followed up by the epic, mind bogglingly long No Man s L [...]

    22. Chris

      Not an incredibly compelling chapter in Batman adventures but I did appreciate that Bruce relies on Robin to solve the only real mystery to be found What they say about him being a better detective Must be true Aside from that, the brief Spoiler Huntress Catwoman inserts weren t bad, but there just didn t seem to be a whole lot of Batman to the story.I guess I ll be better prepared to comment on this when I ve started No Man s Land As a stand alone, Cataclysm isn t really all that interesting.

    23. Phoenix

      I chose this book because the extract,blurb and my friend told me that it is an awesome and interesting novel to read My favourite character from this novel is robin because he is loyal to batman and he knows when do the work but also play around I liked the the story as a whole it had a good storyline to it and the different challenges they face really test there skills and what there capable of.but I would of liked appearances from other heroes to help out batman and his crew.

    24. Aurora

      This isn t so much one coherent story, but that mostly works to its advantage Some of the best stories are the shortest, whereas the overarching narrative is kinda lame Especially toward the end The book is like Batman, an earthquake isn t something you can fight, like Penguin or the Joker which is good and interesting and then it sets up the earthquake as being caused by a villain Guys, come on Trust me enough not to think I need you to follow the same pattern every story.

    25. Tiara

      This seemed to go on way longer than 320 pages Started a little too stilted and factual for me I know it was needed, but still , but it got better as it went on and added human elements to the story Some of the side stories were completely a waste of time I m looking at your Ra al Ghul , but they started to find better footing with combing this sense of urgency with chaos and personal stories.

    26. stephanie

      i don t exactly know all the characters or the moment in time when this happens but i have to say, it s kind of freaking awesome babs, and dick, and bruce, and helena and stephanie now to tackle the next 5 installments though i don t know what i expect, i am looking forward to seeing what cassie s intro is also, it really is great story telling.

    27. Andrew Ives

      Pretty good, but the quality of the art writing goes up and down dramatically over the course of 300 pages Rather miserable in tone too The Little Orphan Andy ending is rather a strange short story to finish on If it had been me writing it, I would ve ended the book about 5 pages earlier, on a uplifting heroic note.

    28. David

      An Earthquake measuring 7.5 on the richter scale struck GothamLeaving the place looking like hell, our heroes desperately struggling to help the thousands of injured and dying not to mention the return of Robin and NightwingSuch an epic and long tale of good conquering evil and prevailing with the help of many friends, heroes and villians alike.

    29. Ryan Mishap

      The lead up to No Man s Land, the art in here is incredible as it shows the destruction of Gotham by a huge earthquake and the subsequent disasters Various heroes and villains make their appearance including Anarky either trying to help people or take advantage of the chaos Batman vs Act of Nature guess who wins

    30. Lora

      Loved the plot Seeing Gotham destroyed by a natural disaster and watching everyone try and survive was really interesting It was fun to see how Batman dealt with an enemy that wasn t a human villain And anything with Barbara Gordon Oracle is something I enjoy I can t wait to read the follow upBatman No Man s Land.

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